New Cellphone Protector For One Of Our Team Mates

We just got home from two days competition in Tagum and we are so happy because our novice got some medals and two of them have a price. Of course, they were given what they would like to have. One of them wanted to have a headset, and she got it also she have a new protector for her cellphone. Mj was telling me about it, just a while ago and I know she was envy. On the other hand she felt happy for them, Mj was not able to win but she is okay with it, as long as she improves her time that matters most. I know she likes to have a new phone, but she have to live with it first having a phone that is not functioning well. She has to learn, someday I will and I will give what she loves, whatever gadgets that she likes as long as the budget is right.

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