The Car Is Sent To The Shop

It has been a while that I have problems with my car.  The engine leaks and while the day passes it getting worst. I had my car traveled in Samal on a bumpy road and recently we went to Tagum driving with it. This time, I guess I have to give it a rest because this is I guess just the right timing for it to be sent to the shop.

Starting last night, I commute going to work, I kind a miss it so everything is okay with me. It may take for a while for it to fix since we agreed to buy the parts one by one. With my budget, I think I could not buy it one time since I have to wait for my pay off before I can purchase parts for my car. Oh well at least, slowly my car will getting okay. Get well car because I still need you especially with the shift of my work, it is hard to commute when you have to wait for PUJ in the wee hour.

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