Let’s Talk About Integrity

Yeah, let’s talk about integrity. I am caught up with this question since I started working in a call center. I had worked with call center before and yes integrity comes first. Integrity since you are entrusted with any credit card info of the customer’s account especially  with billing or payment. Integrity to all your calls even the customer is already very irate seems like they wanted to eat the whole of you. Integrity even this customer wanted to have a free month of service, free taking orders without charges or free to anything they want. They seemed to forget that they are dealing with business and not a charity institution.

These consumers are lucky because in my country, none of these we could enjoy because even though you know that you were not able to be satisfied with the service, you could not ask a free month of service or even a day for them to deduct any amount of your bill, you could not ask anything to compensate because the orders were delayed.

Let’s talk about integrity, you know so well that you have explained well to them the processes and the terms and conditions but it seems like they want their own policy and the businesses will have no choice but to follow. Again let’s talk about integrity how can you be on top or at least passed  when all the heads are monitoring your call but they are basing of the surveys that  you will get from the customer. What makes it more sad is one bad survey is equivalent to 5 good surveys. Let’s talk about integrity, you know you have delivered all the best spiels and all the spiels are accurate based on the policy of the company, yes you passed the monitoring but in the end you will just pass this account depending on the recommendations of the customers that you have serve. But what if these customers are asking for a free month of service and you did not grant it. The customer got upset and answered the survey and since she was not satisfied because her favor was not answered, you were given nothing but a bad face. Where are you going? Where are you side on? Going back, let’s talk about integrity. Integrity must comes first more than anything, and because of that you will not get the job because your scores are too low. Again let’s talk about integrity…

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