To Get Or Not To

Me and my friend from work agreed to get a gadget from one of the service provider. But when we went there last month, the laptop that I wanted to get is not available yet, they said it needs to be order yet before I can have it. My friend push through to get the Ipad Mini and he is already using it now and I get envy. LOL

I wanted to get a gadget to reward myself from all of my hard work but I don’t have the budget yet. Yes  I can pay it staggered, I just have to pay 2 months in advance and I can get the IPAD mini but even so my money is intended for something else, something that I have to prioritize.

I can’t wait for next month, next month I will no longer think of what I have to pay in the house. Next month, I can breathe already and maybe next month I can get the IPAD mini, wishful thinking.

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