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Why People Collect Sports Memorabilia

People love to collect sports memorabilia. That being said, most people cannot articulately explain why they collect. Many say they collect sports memorabilia simply because it is fun. However, there has to be something more behind it. There has to be a deeper meaning to collecting sports memorabilia that makes it so enjoyable.

Collecting items of any sort can be traced back to mankind’s early beginnings. When shelter and storage facilities were not as abundant as they are now, people needed to collect things in order to hoard and survive the winter. Now that mankind has modern technology and the ability to store the food they need, this innate desire to collect or to hoard things manifests itself in other ways.

Different sports memorabilia collectors have different approaches to collecting. Some will collect a lot of the same type of memorabilia. Others like to collect one of each type of memorabilia that is available. For example, if they collect NFL replica helmets, they will collect one helmet for every single team. Other collectors will take anything that they can get their hands on regardless of what the item is as long as it is vintage and related to their sport of choice.

For many people, collecting items provides an escape from the challenges they face in the real world. Their collection allows them to return home after a difficult day at work and lose themselves for a few hours in something that they truly love. Collecting sports memorabilia provides people with a tangible connection to the sport they love. There is a lot of nostalgia connected with collecting sports memorabilia. Some of the most prolific collectors started collecting when they were little kids. They would watch games on television with their big brother, their father, or their uncle, and then would go out and buy cards of their favorite player. This would allow them to relive the enjoyment of watching the game with their friends and family even when there was no game on the television.

Many children start collecting sports memorabilia because it is their childhood dream to become a sports star. As they grow older and realize that they will not be able to fulfill this dream, they continue to collect memorabilia as a way of allowing them to hold onto part of the dream they had for their future.

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Need It So I Have To Work For It

It has been a while that I am so inactive with blogging and I don’t like it. But what can I do? I am too damned busy with my offline work, specifically being the call center agent again and a hands on MOM. Whenever I am in front of the computer I am always absent minded. You see, 3 guest post was sent to the wrong blog and until they are still on pending status, I just hope I will get a notification from them for me to correct it because I could not afford myself to lose some funds because of my being a jerk. On the other hand, starting today I will try my best to include my blogging to my busy schedule, I have to include it to my daily list so if I will lose this job, I still have my blog to back me up.

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