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Computer Got Virus

First was the battery of my laptop, it got busted, it would drain right away. So what we did is removed it permanently. Now, when my work mate went here to download something for her IPAD mini, I don’t know what happen maybe he or I did was able to download something that should not be downloaded. There were lots of Ads that popped up and I don’t know where it came from. Worst is the ad was Chinese and I don’t know a damn about it, I mean how to uninstall it what to push and what not. My niece and I were able to check something, we have spent two days to remove those ads in my computer, or shall I say uninstall it. But thank GOD with the help of some tutorial, we were able to remove it after two freakin days, yeah we spend two day but its worth because now it is all gone. Thank GOD!

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