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She Will Graduate Soon

My IT niece is on OJT from July to October, yes one more push and she will graduate soon. I was having a hard time understanding her schedule but later on, I don’t have choice but to agree with it. Yes, she took the graveyard shift, so she will learn something. She said she really do not have something to put on her journal if she could not learn anything. The works always take place at night when all the agents are present and yes her OJT is at the call center. Not where I work but a different one. Oh well, I hope this will be over because I am also having a hard time with our schedule, sometimes I could only sleep for 4 hours because I am so busy doing this and that.

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If Only

My daughter is learning violin, however this morning the teacher is asking me if Faith can at least practice holding the violin at home because she is really having a hard time in the school and would always complain that the violin is heavy, makes her neck get very tired. Sigh if only Faith just choose the piano lesson instead then we don’t have any problem since she will just place the piano on the table or it will stand on its own right. If only Faith made up her mind for piano, then we don’t have to problem anymore since I can find a digital piano online guide so easily, if only Faith decided for a piano, it will not be hard for me to find one because I know I can find piano buying guide with no sweat at all. On the other hand, we are already in the middle of the school year so we just have to finish what we have started, I just hope that she can still stand the weight of the violin on her neck

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