During My Day Off

I am so guilty of not updating my blogs even during my off. You see, when I am in front of the computer, no matter how I motivate myself to update my blog, I just can’t do it because I tempted to just watch videos in you tube. Yeah, I’d been following this love team in TV that I got hooked up, even when I am about to sleep, I have to checked my Instagram just to know how are they, or what’s the latest buzz of the two.

My daughter and niece knew about my obsession of this love team, I even asked my daughter about it why she could not be a fan girl, like the way that I am doing, keeping on track with celebrities. My eldest daughter said that she don’t have time to check the latest news of any celebrity. She is a fan girl too but it is tiring and hard for her to follow, and when you are a serious fan girl, you have to know all the latest buzz, latest trends about them or news. And she just couldn’t do it. In some way, she is correct I mean look at me, I couldn’t even write nor update my blog because the only day that I can cope up with my blog, I couldn’t just do it because I am in you tube until my time to run errands.

I know that I really don’t have time at all to sleep but when I am about to, I can’t help but to check my Instagram to watched the latest BTS (behind the scenes) videos.

I am just so guilty and now I am coping up to update my blog (actually I am doing backdate now) I am also back to blog hopping. So I have to welcome myself back and I hope I won’t be feeling guilty at all.

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