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Cars have changed quite a bit since they were invented over one century ago. Modern cars are equipped with features and conveniences that could not have been dreamed of even 30 years ago. However, many people maintain a love for the classic cars of years gone by. Many cars that are produced today look the same. There seems to be no more imagination in the design process. Classic cars from 50 years ago are now considered to be works of art because of their unique and iconic designs. Here is how to sell your classic car.

1. Get your car appraised

Before you can even think about putting your car up for sale, you need to find out exactly how much it is worth. This will prevent you from selling your car for far below its actual value. While most people use the Kelley Blue Book to determine their car’s value, classic cars will be a bit more difficult. For classic cars that are particularly rare, desirable and valuable, you should pay to have a professional car appraiser take a look at it. While this will cost you some money, it will be worth the expense to have a professional look at every aspect of your car so you will know exactly how much to ask for it.

2. Contact a company that buys classic cars

As the value of many classic cars has gone up, companies have started to appear that are dedicated to buying them. These companies usually sell the cars to collectors at a profit. They are good places to turn if you are having a problem finding any buyers for your classic car. For example, if you have a classic Chevy Corvette that you want to sell, you can give Gullwing Motor Cars a call to have them take a look at it. Visit http://www.gullwingmotor.com/Page/Selling-Classic-Corvette.aspx to learn more about this company.

3. Auction

Rather than negotiating a price for your classic car with individual buyers, you can put your car up for auction. Classic cars often command large amounts of money when they are sold by a reputable auction house. However, you need to consider the fee that the auction house will take. This is usually a percentage of the selling price of the car. You would not need to pay this fee if you sell the car yourself. However, auctions attract buyers from many different states and countries.

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