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Not Working

I knew it; I never learned the connector that I bought for my external hard drive does not function well. It too slow loading my pictures, I could not use this one. But guess what when I decided to return the item, I lost the receipt! And there’s no way I can return it so I guess I just have to deal with it.

We went to other mall and we looked for a cord again, we found one, it’s free but we need to buy the casing for the external hard drive and it worth P480.00. Too expensive, yay! One computer store said that maybe next month, this cord will be available. I hope so, maybe we have to wait for it to be available than paying P480.00 but I can’t wait though, let’s see.

One staff said that it is really hard to find a connector for external hard drive, mostly computer stores don’t sell a connector only it always with an external hard drive.

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