Slimming Gadget

Today, together with my sister, we went to the mall to buy some foods for the house. We were able to pass by this gadget exercise in one corner of the mall. It is a slimming gadget, you will just have worn it on your waist then it will vibrate and would burn the tummy fats. I have tried it for 30 minutes the sales man said, I should wear it before dinner at least for 30 minutes after I eat, after 30 minutes too, I am sure to go to the bathroom.

It is expensive but they have a lay away option. So since I am so desperate already to burn my tummy fat, I choose the lay away option and paid P500.00 pesos. I can get the gadget as long as I am able to pay the slimming gadget in full. I am excited and looking forward to have flat tummy once more.

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