I Nearly Gave Up Of My Car

Last November at last I was able to buy parts for my car so my mechanic will start to overhaul the car. I thought I can get the car after a week but it got extended to two weeks then three weeks. But the struggle did not stop there because the moment I will get the car, another part is damage. First, after few days of running the car, it got weaker and weaker until the power is slowly turning off. I brought the car back to the mechanic right away. He told me that there is one part that needs to be brought to mechanic shop and it cost P2, 500.00 to repair it. After 3 days, the car sent it back to me. After a week, I notice that the break is not that strong, it will run for a while after I step for it. I sent it back to him afterwards.

The car was sent back and forth, the last time was when the lock of the tire gave up. And that was the most expensive repair that I had after of the overhaul. It cost about P7, 500.00 to have the lock repair.

I was disappointed of course, it seems like the car is getting hopeless but I can’t give up, not now. The car is still in collateral since I renew my loan at RFC. The car is also very useful since I am the one fetching Faith from school even I am already working. Not to mention that my work shift is at 2 am, nevertheless, the car is really very important.

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