Header Is Gone

I was updating my other blog Mary Anne’s Musing when I notice that my header is nowhere to be found. Yes, gosh why now? I mean I don’t remember at all where the code is hidden. I even told my husband who’s online right now to check if the header is really gone on his end and say to say he could not also see it!

So I re-tracked, checked, traced back to where the code of my header is saved. Fortunately I was able to find it. All the codes are okay, I mean it was not mess up but the source where I embedded the code is under maintenance so maybe that is the culprit why it was not showing up because the website is down.

Oh well, I will just wait for that website to be up, it said it will only be a short while and it will be back. Besides I don’t have to time edit or to modify this blog again. Not to mention that I forgot what was the image of the header. LOL so I’ll let it rest I know it will be back.  My husband is wrong when he said it ran away. Hahaha!!!

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