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My daughter has been after me to buy her an electric guitar. I was thinking of giving her one as a Christmas gift, but the timing was not right. Now I have to think of what is really on her wishlist.

If I get her the first item on her list, the electric guitar, I am sure I will have to get her an amplifier, microphones and the various cords associated with it. Not only that, once my little one sees what we have got for her sister, she will be after us to get her a better violin, then the basic learner one we got her last year.

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Techie Watch

I have showed one of these last year when I decided to buy Faith a somewhat techie wristwatch but to my disappointment it broke all so easily. I haven’t buy anything like it at all because I don’t want to buy her one and then damage it in the end of the day but good thing that Mj received one last Christmas when we attended the Red Sail Swim Team Party. She got one of these and so she gave it to her sister.

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Recommending This

I don’t like to put accessories to my car, even before with my blue one. I always want it to be bare, no decorations at all. But on the second thoughts, one accessory will not do any harm right? Although I still want my car to have a simple look and not too extravagant.

Ever since I got a car, I always got interested looking for some cars to buy next time. I even go interested with any accessories that have to do with cars. And so I wish to have a car jewelry from, it looks classy on me and it attested how I love cars. My friends would surely love this, and if they are I am sure to recommend it.


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Not When My Laptop Is Fix

One of my workmates is already having a home base job. She has been telling me about it. And I am so interested to join however I have a problem with my laptop, it needs to be fix. And my IT niece could not do something with it because she said the problem is with the hardware. I don’t know, this problem started when I started working. I don’t know anymore how to fix it. I mean I have this problem before but it was only with one key now, almost all of it is affected. I can’t apply of her offer, not when I have my laptop fix!


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