Hooked In IPAD

Yeah, yeah I should be sleeping right away when I arrived home but how can I? I am just so hooked with my IPAD to follow what’s the latest about JADINE. Yeah, I’d been following them since the OTWOL began and gosh it got worst everyday. Whatever, even if it get worst or I got worst, I could not help it but I am just so happy whenever I watched their latest videos, BTS and all of them. But since the OTWOL was ended, there is no much updates of them at all.

It was weeks that I didn’t have much sleep. Now I was able to at least gain more sleep. I am still checking my IPAD from time to time in the middle of my sleep. I would wake up to check my Instagram, even in my FB my friend even told me that it looks like it’s not my personal FB at all because the pictures posted are them.

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