This Time

Aside from the promise to myself that I will do my best to update my blogs with Interim and will be active again with blog hopping, I am taking it one at a time though two of my blogs were expired. I was so shocked when I can’t open them anymore yesterday. I contacted my hosting provider immediately; I just noticed her message when she asked if I will continue my hosting with her. I wasn’t able to read her message because I was too caught up with so much stress at work and I just don’t have time with anything and everything. I just checked my Facebook for some updates, I am not sure but I just don’t have the feeling to open my messenger, which I felt sorry in the end when I learned that she was trying to reach me about my two blogs.

Good thing that when I tried to contact her yesterday after like an hour, she was able to reply. We arranged the payment right away so my blogs will be live again. I thanked her for being so understanding, I was lacking of about $5 and she was just okay with it. I will just pay her when the payment from my other blogs will be sent in my paypal and that is soon. So if you have time please view Mary Anne’s Musings and Sahm’s Dining Diary to help get the traffic back on my blog.


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