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I was sleeping that time, when my youngest daughter went inside the bedroom, sneaking and pulled the chord of the charger from the Ipad because she wants to play with it. I wasn’t able to notice her but I heard my sister asking her “What did you do”. And so I went out from the bedroom and I found out that the chord of the charger pulled off from its edge that connects the adapter. I was so pissed off, Faith has been hooked up with playing gadgets in the house and she became fidgety whenever we say no. I let her play from time to time depending how many hours she has been watching TV. But when we found out that she sneaked just to get the gadget, the time for me to give this a halt. No gadget for her anymore. I know it would cost more to buy a chord but what can I do? I should so I can use the Ipad whenever it’s my free time.

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I was hoping to find a cheap chord. My niece told me that it costs about P 2,000.00 and I didn’t have budget at that time. I just planned to just inquire for the price and then buy it later. I went to a shop where everything is lower than expected but imitation. It is very affordable indeed but I heard so many bad feedback of buying not so quality chord so I went to the Apple store instead. I really thought that the price is too much but lo and behold it’s only P 1,000.00 enough for my budget. And since the IPad is too much drained I have to have the chord the soonest possible time so I can charge it. I paid for it to the cashier right away, good thing it was my payday that time, or at least it’s not as much as P 2,000.00 I was able to grab it. The store rep introduced me to a bit more durable chord that the edge won’t easily pulled off because it grip strongly to the base but my money is just enough to buy the cheaper one.

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