I Need One Freaking Day

When I went home today, I was so surprised when they told me the number of hours that we had outage in our place. We still have to count for 3 hours before the electricity went back. All of us were so excited connecting our gadget to our WiFi but everyone failed. Later we found out that our Internet service was restricted due to non-payment.

Uh, uh don’t say that it serve us right. Because when I inquire this to our main office, they told me that I have until 11th of each month to pay the bill and I will still not be disconnected even I could not pay it on time. I mean come on; I just need a freaking one day to settle my account. I need justice.

Oh well, as what they always say the due date is this and that and automatically the system will shut down the service automatically when it will detect that there is no payment during that day. But my question is why it is last month, I have until 11 of the moth to pay my bill and I was not disconnected where is the consistency?

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