Golf Offers Opportunities to Get Outside

Around the country, people are looking for solid new ways to get themselves out into nature. They want to exercise without having to join a gym. They want to spend a few hours in the sun without going to a national park. Golf is filling the void, giving people an opportunity to satisfy several of their needs all at once. Golf clubs like the Chevy Chase County Club in Illinois are telling interested players to click here to get out of their monotonous routines. Players are more and more taking them up on this challenge.

Golf is becoming more popular as a calorie-burning option. While it might not feel like running a marathon, golf can be the sort of physical activity that allows individuals to burn tremendous amounts of calories. The reasons are simple. Golf rounds typically take many hours, and doing any physical activity for hours is likely to help on the calorie front. Beyond that, golf requires the use of many core muscles. Golfers walk long distances, even when they use a cart. They pick up clubs and swing with their core. These things can allow a golfer to burn upwards of 1,000 calories during a golf round. This is better than most people can pull off during a gym-based workout.

The sport’s also a great way to get outside. Solid research suggests that when people spend time outside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the nature around them, they are happier and exhibit less of the warning signs of stress. Taking a walk is fine, but it can boring after a while. Golf offers people the opportunity to spend a few hours outside without feeling like they are on a hike. It can lead to greater happiness, even when the ball is not flying the right direction.

At the end of the day, golf is becoming more popular for reasons that are very easy to explain. Golfers get outside and burn plenty of calories. They often spend time with friends, talking about business, family, and life. They get to participate in an athletic challenge, which can fuel the need to stay competitive for many people who have passed their athletic prime. It’s no wonder why many golf clubs are finding that non-traditional golfers are more interested in the game. With all of the benefits golf provides, it should continue to grow in popularity.

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