Discovery Kids For My Youngest

Last March just before the Holy Week, Sky Cable open all the channels for all the subscribers. One of them was the Discovery Channel. Faith was so hooked up with it when she knew about the channel, she doesn’t even asking for us to change it in Disney Channel, her favorite channel ever since so when the Holy Week was over, Sky Cable have to close down those channels that are only for holidays. Faith was crying when she can’t view the Discovery Channel anymore. The last visit I had with Sky Cable I requested to have the Discovery Channel back.

Faith loves Science; it is her favorite subject next to English. She is very enthralled with all the things related to observation and experiment or technology, she is even interested to some particular things came from. So when I learned that Faith was so sad because the Discovery Kids was taken out, I requested for Discovery Channel to add to my subscription and now Faith is a happy kid once again.

 photo 12974277_10208721511891285_2362238668230958550_n_zpsubrqisww.jpg

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