My IT Student Graduated Already

The time has come, my niece graduated last March.

These past few months she has been busy trying to finish their project. There are times that I have to reprimand her of coming home so late or not coming home at all. She said that they don’t even have enough sleep because they are so focused to finish their thesis. Good thing they were able to finish it on time and submitted it for their defense. They were so nervous while doing their defense, but they are lucky because they passed although there’s a need for revision. Some of their classmates were not able to pass but they had given the chance to represent their thesis again. My niece said there are numbers who were not able to graduate last March because of failed grades.

I filed a leave of absence on the day of her graduation. I would like to attend her graduation ceremony but I was not able to as I need to pick the Lechon that my sister ordered somewhere in Ma-a. And since the schedule pick up is at the same time that my niece need to go to their graduation rites. I decided not to attend to her graduation ceremony and picked up the Lechon instead. After I arrived home, I went to bed right away since I have work later.

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