It Is Not The Quality But It Is How We Take Care Of It

We might be wondering why our cellphones are easy to be damage. Most of the time, it is not because the quality is not good but because we were not able to take good care of it. First thing first, do not drop the phone. You might be so lucky that the first drop, your cellphone is still okay but you don’t know that the tiny parts of it is slowly giving up because of that single drop and if you are not careful enough of it, you will be surprised that your phone does not function anymore. And here we are, we put the blame to the manufacturer or worst the carrier.

Do not put your phone to extreme temperature. When I accidentally put my cellphone in front of me while I was driving and the sun light just directed to where my phone was, when I open my phone, it freezes for like a while. I really thought it won’t work anymore. Good thing, after I power cycle it, it functioned. So avoid placing it near stove, chimney, and furnace. Do not subject it to cold temperature too. Do not put your phone near the water or pool, slight dampness can damage the cellphones. If any case your phone got wet, save it by turning it off, remove the battery and the sim card. Use clean absorbent towel when you dry the phone from getting wet. If you can, buy a waterproof bag handy so when it rains you can still keep the phone dry while under the rain.


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