Do Not Placed It On The Bed

When Faith was still doing her therapy outside the school, I met one parent there and we became close. We talked a lot when we see each other. But I wonder why in the past few weeks, her son did not attend the program, after few weeks we saw each other again. We were able to catch up. She said that they were absent for how many weeks because one of their house, where her brother and sister in law lived was on fire. Her sister in law got the 3rd degree burn. And you know what was the cause? It was a cellphone charged in the bedroom, it could not start a fire if they put the it on the floor, the thing was that the extension, which they plug their celphone was put on the bed. Due too much heat, the bed resulted a fire. They were in the living room, when his wife went inside the bedroom and too late because the bedroom was already in a huge fire. The husband was not severe but the wife is. So if you are charging your phone to an extension, do not placed it on the bed.

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