Making A Sweet Treat

Give a sweet treat to a friend or family member for any occasion by making candy bouquets. You can easily personalize the bouquets for holidays, birthdays or other special events. Add a few charming details that the recipient might like, such as a mug for someone who likes coffee or a teddy bear to celebrate a new baby.

The first thing that you need is the container. A glass vase is usually the best container to use so that all of the treats can be seen. You can use a basket or bowl with a deep well as long as you can place a block of Styrofoam inside to hold the skewers with the candy. Decide on the kind of candy that you want to use in the bouquet. It could be all one kind, or you could use a variety or chocolates and hard candies to give it a little flair. If you know that the recipient likes a certain kind of candy, then consider getting various sizes to make the bouquet. Try to use items that the person will enjoy, using colors that blend well together while staying in the candy family. You can also choose candies that are of the same color as the occasion. An example would be red and white for Valentine’s or red and green for Christmas.

If you aren’t giving the bouquet for a few hours or until the next day, then consider using candies that won’t melt. Glue a wooden skewer onto the back of each piece of candy. It doesn’t matter about the size of the candy, but you want to make sure the skewer doesn’t show. Place each skewer in the foam block. Arrange them so that they are at different levels, similar to what you would do with a flower bouquet. Once the candies are in place, you can start adding decorations. Colorful tulle or cellophane works well to go between the pieces of candy. Add a few curled ribbons that stick out along the edges of the container. Place any gifts that go with the bouquet at the front of the container before adding a card.

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