Laptop Repaired

Last Sunday, I brought the laptop that I borrowed back since my laptop is already repaired. The technician said that the keyboard is so busted that even I have an external keyboard, it would still not stopping the laptop keyboard to work on busting the whole system. The technician replaced the keyboard, the keyboard alone already costs P 3,000.00, and since the charger is also busted I have to buy charger for it. They offered me a universal charger costs P 1,500.00. Last Friday, I brought the laptop back at home, the battery has to order yet, yes the battery needs to be replace too. My friends keep on telling me to buy a new one instead. But this laptop is my remembrance from my hard work for blogging so I can’t just let it go. As soon as I can I still want to save it and so I did, my laptop feels so anew now, I think I have to buy sticker case for the cover and a screen protector soon.

On the other hand, the laptop that I borrowed is still with me because when I tried to give it back last Monday, the owner refused to bring it. He said I still can have it, he said he will just text me when should he needs it.

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