Customer Service Of My ISP Sucks

Yesterday morning, we called the PLDT customer service again because the waiting is already too long. It has been 2 nights already that we don’t have Internet connection at home and this is so unfair as a customer, I have the right to complain with their customer service, it is just too poor.

I was able to talk to one agent, I told her to turn the Internet on since it is not my fault at all that they have upgraded my plan without my consent. The agent apologized I accepted it but the process in turning my Internet on is just so dragging. This agent even told me to wait 5 business days to revert my plan to the original plan. I can’t wait for freaking 5 business days, I understand the process but how come when you can’t make a payment on time, they will automatically cut off my plan while retrieving my plan is just so hard for them to do. I understand the process but I hope it is as fast as you disconnect my service when I can’t meet the deadline. I don’t know if they should train more their agents or they just choose the wrong people.


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