The Old One Vs The New One

There are so many things that are already damaged or busted here at home. One of those is this keyboard of my laptop, the technician said that even we used an external keyboard; it would still destroy the program of the computer. When the technician finished repairing my laptop, he has seen so many viruses. I guess I need to buy a virus scanner, I mean not the free version. I am thinking Kaspersky, it is nearly a thousand bucks, I know it is a bit expensive but I think it’s worth it since we are exploring or surfing in the web so many times, if it’s just a plain blog I might be doubting to buy one but with my niece who’s fond of downloading movies, virus scanner is a must. On the other hand the keyboard that is busted replaced with a new one. See the difference?

 photo IMG_00011.jpg

My old Keyboard

 photo IMG_00031.jpg

The new one

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