No Network Outage Please?

During downtime of our phone service provider, our service provider doesn’t offer any compensation at all. I mean, even if your credits or load is gone without any reason our service provider will never care since we can always change service provider. Sim card is just so light in the pocket. But I am always stick with one service provider and I don’t know why.

But you see I worked in one of the phone service provider in the US and these people are so lucky. The company gave them compensation with limits though but at least it would lessen their bill.

Network outage sucks!

Not only with customers but those people who worked in the customer service. They are the one who received all the complains, screams, profanity words and all that stuff. We could not complain though, we are giving our best to accommodate them all and to give them the best service that they deserve. I just wish they would give the customer service a good score even though with the network outage in one day.

Oh please no network outage again!


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