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My eldest daughter said that she needs to buy a film for her Polaroid. Her Polaroid was her reward way back when she won the MVP for her swimming competition when she was still in elementary. It has been years that we did not use it because the film is very expensive. It cost P500.00 or more for only 10 sheets. Until recently, she informed me that we can already buy 10 sheets for only P360.00 so I said yes. The other day before I went home from work, I went to SM to look for the film for Mj’s Polaroid. I was able to find one but it is a bit expensive so I went to Fuji Film shop to make a canvass, finally I was able to find one that is not expensive at all. The plain sheet is only P360.00, the one that has design is about P400.00 I took the plain one.

Mj brought it yesterday, it has only 10 sheets so I told her to be diligent, and be more extra careful when taking pictures otherwise she will just wasting the film. On the other hand, here’s the result from the Polaroid shots.

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