Nothing Is Permanent And So As Technology

I was lurking and at the same time writing on my blog. Thank GOD I was all inspired to update, I need to since I need money. Anyway, when I started writing yesterday, I suddenly missed the memes before scheduled on a daily basis. Mind you, I was one of those who got hooked up with memes, I joined it every day.

But I guess they are right, nothing is permanent because whatever we were so into it, it will come a time that we just quit over it. Everything just got boring and last time you know it, you feel like you don’t have the strength to do it anymore. It was like gone with the wind, and when you went back for old time sake, it wasn’t there anymore. The thing that we left behind, said goodbye to us too without us knowing it. It just so sad. I miss the memes, and I got too emotional thinking of it. How I wish that it is just always there, patiently waiting for us to look back but it is too late because it left us too. Yeah, nothing is permanent so as the technology. It always say goodbye, wanted us to buy the newest version or model, we could not even catch up, well if we have money we can. How I wish we can always tell them to go slow, so we can catch up.


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