Payphone No Longer Exist

Last Friday, I went out late to fetch the kids from school. The traffic was so heavy on my way there the reason why I arrived in their school so late. I don’t see kids at all, so I asked one teacher if she saw my kids. The teacher said there are no students inside the school anymore. They said I can try going to 7/11 maybe they are there but when I went there, I don’t see them at all. I walked back and forth in the street, I could not send text message to my eldest because she borrowed my phone. I tried to look for payphone so I can call the house, but to my disappointment, there is no payphone around.

Before, payphones are just so easy to find, most stores have payphone service unlike today, it is so hard to find one. I guess maybe cellphones are so easy access. And most residents don’t use payphones anymore because every member of the households carries a unit of cellphone. Mj got one but her cellphone is easily to get drain, so she got mine for that day.

I was so worried, good thing that there is an internet cafe nearby. I messaged my niece if she can call Mj, but she doesn’t have load. I went out from the cafe right away, and drove myself home. I do not know how I did it but I was able to get fast and easy through the traffic. I arrived home in less than 20 mins! I was praying so hard that they are already home otherwise I will not know where else to find them. Lo and behold, Mj opened the gate for me and apologized that they were not able to wait for me in the school because it is already getting dark and she was worried that I wasn’t able to wake up.

I scolded them and told them that no matter what happen they should be waiting for me in the school or at least send me a text message where they are so I will not be worried as hell.


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