Will Upgrade Our Plan Soon

Our Internet connection is running so slow. Oh well, it is expected already since we are also using WiFi in the TV. Sister Merlyn keeps on watching Korean Drama series in TV, and it requires Internet. Our loan was already full paid so I was thinking to upgrade our Internet. I would still get the same Internet Service Provider but I am afraid I need to upgrade our Internet.

An agent offered us something before, I didn’t confirm it but all a sudden without me knowing it, our plan has changed. The thing is that even they provide us more mbps this time; the 50 gig data was easy to reach the limit. We just found out one day, we don’t have connection anymore. We called them and complained good thing that they put our plan back to what we have before. But I realized now that our Internet keeps on cutting off, and whenever I would talk to my husband online, it just cut us off, it will reconnect us but it sometimes took a while to make it work.

So now I am planning to upgrade our plan. It would cost us much maybe but it would be better if it is a little expensive compare on sacrificing my online business. I hope I can find something cheap but will provide us more data.



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