Hey I Got A Pink USB!

I bought a USB drive last summer since we were into watching movie, bought it in one of the computer shop in the mall. We saved numbers of movies in that USB drive but one day it was gone. And I never saw it again. I thought I can still be able to find it since it was just lost at home but to my surprised it didn’t show up at all.

My niece is into downloading movies again, and she downloaded interesting movies and I can’t get comfortable to watch here in the computer, the audio is not great and the screen is so small. I preferred watching it in the TV. So recently I decided to buy again another USB, and this time I’ll make sure that it will be keep inside my bag so I will not lost again. I am afraid to lose it, I am afraid I will be wasting another bucks because I lost it.

 photo 14212628_10209888506025409_1241088366217035344_n.jpg

And look what color I got, it’s pink!

Recently I just watched “Before I Wake” with this USB I bought. Yeah I save lot of bucks from watching movie in Cinema because I will be able to watch it here with my little USB.

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