We Need To Upgrade

We went home late tonight, it is not because we enjoyed ourselves in the mall but it is because of our car. When we approached our car, I noticed something different when I looked at it, it stood up crooked. The tire in the back is flat, and because I don’t have tools, I have to ask somebody to ask for tools for me so we can change the tire in the back. I should have bought tools like jack and tire range because this is way very tiring, hassle and expensive. Good thing that the security guard and the maintenance of the condominium we went to helped us a lot, including that foreigner who lend us his compressor to give air of the reserved tire.

I know car tools are very much expensive but this is what I learned from all of this.  If you have the funds, make sure to buy car tools in that way if your car is broke in the middle of the road and in a very inconvenient time, you already have your tools to lend of those who would like to help. They even told me to buy the tools so at least I will just be looking for help and not the both.

I am kin’ a laid back person, and this is not even practical at all. I thought so though but it is not. We also need to be techie, and do some upgrades with ourselves, with the tools I mean so we will not go behind otherwise, we don’t only disturb others but it is so much a hassle when you are yet looking for a tools while the help is already there.


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