I Am So Stupid!

Just this week one advertiser asked me to send her an Invoice through Paypal and so I did. I thought she will only send that certain amount for all the post I wrote on each of my blog. I didn’t expect that the payment will be each of the blog. I am already happy with a small amount, I mean who would send in that amount to me, so even if it is small or whatever I will be glad to accept.

I went to the mall one day to grocery shop. I saw my blogger friend and of course when bloggers met, they talked about the blessing that they get. Don’t get me wrong, it is really a tupsy turvy in the blogging world. Mostly we don’t earn but because I have these blogs for decades, I just went on. I didn’t mind at all if I have something in return or not. So going back to my topic, my friend was able to open up to me about this advertiser and I got curious. She explained to me that a certain amount is for one blog only and if I have send all my blogs and she approved of it. I can earn that total amount covered with 9 blog post. I was so surprised!

Thus, when I got home I send invoices to her and I am looking forward to earn it. This is just so rare so I have to grab it. I hope she will be able to pay me this week because I am really running out of budget. And I have so many bills to pay for.


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