I Am Looking For DSLR Camera For Their Concert

I thought I can no longer buy a concert ticket at all. But I did, first I messaged someone in Instagram they are the fans club of Jadine here in our place. One was able to check if there is some available but she did not answer me when I said that might buy yet in the first week of October. So I decided to go to SM Lanang to supposedly make a canvass of how much is the ticket at least nears the stage. The Cinema, said they don’t sell the VIP or Platinum but they were able to tell me when I could buy those. When I went to Better Components, I asked the crew there if they have the Platinum, the crew said they still have some available. I asked if I can make a partial payment and I will just pay the remaining balance the next day. The crew tried to check if it is possible but my friend represented that I can borrow him some money and I’ll just pay it by tomorrow. I could not contain my happiness. I grab the ticket right away.

I want to take more pictures of Jadine as this is only rare to happen. So I asked my niece if she can borrow a DSLR from one of her friends. There’s one represented, she said I’ll just have to rent it for P250.00. I am already desperate so I took it though my niece said she would look for another option. I can’t wait to see them, really!


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