I Will Sell The Car

The car broke again, good thing that it broke before I hit the road for work.

It’s the usual night, every time I got up early, I always parked the car outside to prepare it so when I have to go to work, I don’t have to bother my kids to open the gate for me since the moment I got out from the house, they are surely sleeping already. But the other night when I tried to start the car, it won’t run and then the engine will just stop. I suspected the battery but I just bought the battery and there’s no it acting up too soon. It was 10 in the evening yet that time so I called my mechanic and asked him to check the car by the next day, he agreed.

The next day when I called him, he told me that the culprit is the alternator, they need to do some adjustment, and I need to buy the fan belt too. The repair for my alternator is not fun at all, including the labor fee, it cost me P1500.00 plus with my mechanic he asked me of P350.00 but I gave him P400.00

So last Thursday, they went here in the house to install the alternator but it rains cats and dogs so they have to do on Friday.

While the repair is ongoing with our car. I can’t help to think to sell the car. It is money draining and imagines, I wasn’t able to save anything because the funds will use to repair the car. I already told our mechanic about our plans and he said he is willing to help.


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