Tips for Decorating Your Den

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your den, and you are a football fan, you might want to consider a football theme. If you occasionally have friends or family members come to your house to watch the game when your favorite team is playing, having the room filled with football memorabilia can make things even more interesting. This is especially true if there is a little rivalry going on over which team is better.

Displaying autographed football jerseys is an excellent way to add a personal touch to that room in which you and your friends discuss past and present players who have contributed to making the game what it is today. Companies like Gridiron Greats Football Memorabilia can be a good source for you to find the items you always wanted but didn’t think you would ever have. What better conversation starter is there than a jersey hanging on your wall that has been autographed by one of the sport’s well-known superstars?

If you are hesitant about decorating the whole room with items from a single team, you could have items for each team in the league. If that is too much, you could limit it to the division in which your favorite NFL team plays. If you are more into college football, you could go with a theme that recognizes the conference.

Another idea would be to focus on the history of the game. Things like the old leather helmets that preceded the introduction of face masks on helmets can help to tell an interesting story. You could show how these items evolved from their initial versions to where they are today by having something from each era.

You could also display actual footballs. What could be better than having an old football from the early days displayed beside a modern one, especially if both of them were autographed?

Aside from the autographs and the equipment you display, you could also put up posters of some of the more famous stadiums. The older ones that have changed over the years can be recognized with posters that show the stadium before and after major improvements.

There is no limit to the things you can do to personalize the room and make that ball game gathering more interesting. The ideas can be as varied as the individual once you know where to turn for memorabilia.

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