How Important Is Your IMEI Number

IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This is a serial number of your cellphone that you didn’t expect that it is very important. It may not sound it is but this serial number can help your cellphone be secured. If someone stole your cellphone, you can report your device that it is stolen and it can be added to the blacklist. The IMEI number can be a big help to identify the phone that uses terrestrial network. Terrestrial network is a network that you use when you place a call on your device and if you are using data connection provided by your phone service provider. Why we are we using terrestrial, because we use planet side antennae and not satellite for you to be connected.

The government can traced your phone using the IMEI but it depends, if you are in postpaid plan it can be detected since you are under contract and it requires you, your identification card. This is the problem of prepaid because they are not under contract so the identification is not required.


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2 Responses to “How Important Is Your IMEI Number”

  1. Michi says:

    I have a postpaid plan for years but I’m not aware of my IMEI. Agree, prepaid plans have limited benefits.

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    I think IMEI number can also help when you lose your phone. You can use it to deactivate the phone from the service provider.