Windows Has Stopped Working

We were doomed, when I woke up one morning I could not use the computer because it would say Windows Has Stopped Working and we could not even touch any icon nor open up a website. It was like freezing but it’s not. The start button is not even functioning. Good thing that I can still search how to fix it using my other cellphone. Mariel, my niece was also helping; we tried to check things that can help to get rid of this error message.

And since we could not use the Start Button to scan the computer, we use the ctrl + alt + delete to search to go to cmd. And when you see the cmd.exe, right click and write run as the administrator. At the command prompt, type Sfc/scannow and then enter.

If that does not helping, try to think what was the last thing you downloaded in the computer in our case, since the Sfc/scannow did not help at all. My suspect was the movie that my niece downloaded in the computer, the host was the torrent. I clear the torrent from the task manager, it helped but when we logged out and when my niece logged in and experienced the same error. She uninstalled the torrent and downloaded the cc cleaner. It worked! It clears up everything, it just sad because we can’t download movies we like again. I hope she will be able to install it some other time. I mean, we were able to watch movies for free especially now that I am in a tight budget.


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