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A Very Techie Toys

My niece sent me a text message in Facebook that she needs a ride going to work. I sent my kids at school and I stayed there for a while when I received the message. It was the right timing because I and one of the parents at school recommended me a dentist for Faith and the clinic is near the mall where my niece is working. I parked the car in the mall since the hospital where the clinic is situated doesn’t have enough parking spaces. After I sent my niece to her work, I went inside the mall first. I saw their current event and I was amazed with the toys dressed like a real superheroes, just so techie I am sure these techie toys are very expensive and the one who owns it is very proud of his collections, the presentation and the way it was displayed is unbelievable beautiful.

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This Blog Was On Hiatus, Thank GOD I Was Able To Renew It

It was I guess one week that this blog could no longer found. I received the notice to renew this blog after I withdraw my earning last month. I was hoping though that one of my supports would pay me just before this blog renew deadline but sad to say it didn’t come on time. Just for the sake of not getting too affected, I decided not to check on it, not only this blog but all of my blogs besides I didn’t have opportunity that time since I did not sign up for membership in one of my support.

Good thing that the sheriff paid me enough to renew this blog. I paid for it right away, and I am so glad that there were still some bucks left. I can use it to pay my host. I did not withdraw anything this month, I still have balance with my friend Mabelle for the hosting, and I am so touched because she said I can pay it when able. I know how understanding she is, with our standing in blogging, it is so hard already to survive. I am just fortunate because I still have enough to pay my domain and hosting. Even though she said that I can pay it anytime, I’ll make sure that if I have enough balance in my Paypal, I will pay her right away. I just can’t take not paying her the soonest possible time, I understand how life hard is even though I know she already have enough funds to support her family but to think I still owe her something, I just can’t be still. An obligation is an obligation, I mean even though if she’s a close friend or not when you know you need to pay her something, you should initiate it even that person is not asking.


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The Use Of My Enclosure

The connector for my external hard drive is not available anymore, the connector has 5 pins and they said that 5 pins for an external hard drive is phase out already. It has been years already that I was looking for this connector but I always received a no answer. I can’t give up my external hard drive I have so many pictures from before that I saved there so I am waiting for an option to at least open it. And just last month, a staff just provided me a choice and that is to purchase an Enclosure.

What is Enclosure?

An Enclosure is a case for the internal hard drive if you want to take it out. The connector is perfect and it’s only P235.00 it is the correct option, I don’t care at all if I could not use the case, I could just throw it away since I don’t have plans to remove the internal hard drive from my laptop but if you have an old model external hard drive and the connector is busted, you may want to buy an enclosure to save your old external hard drive.


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