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The Use Of My Enclosure

The connector for my external hard drive is not available anymore, the connector has 5 pins and they said that 5 pins for an external hard drive is phase out already. It has been years already that I was looking for this connector but I always received a no answer. I can’t give up my external hard drive I have so many pictures from before that I saved there so I am waiting for an option to at least open it. And just last month, a staff just provided me a choice and that is to purchase an Enclosure.

What is Enclosure?

An Enclosure is a case for the internal hard drive if you want to take it out. The connector is perfect and it’s only P235.00 it is the correct option, I don’t care at all if I could not use the case, I could just throw it away since I don’t have plans to remove the internal hard drive from my laptop but if you have an old model external hard drive and the connector is busted, you may want to buy an enclosure to save your old external hard drive.


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