A Very Techie Toys

My niece sent me a text message in Facebook that she needs a ride going to work. I sent my kids at school and I stayed there for a while when I received the message. It was the right timing because I and one of the parents at school recommended me a dentist for Faith and the clinic is near the mall where my niece is working. I parked the car in the mall since the hospital where the clinic is situated doesn’t have enough parking spaces. After I sent my niece to her work, I went inside the mall first. I saw their current event and I was amazed with the toys dressed like a real superheroes, just so techie I am sure these techie toys are very expensive and the one who owns it is very proud of his collections, the presentation and the way it was displayed is unbelievable beautiful.

 photo 17474788_10211930085343616_1651560632_n_zpswqwybrta.jpg

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