Getting An Access For My SSS Online

Finally, I can now check my loan payment in SSS online, it has been years that I am trying to log in to my account but to no avail. It is because I forgot my password, I tried to retrieve it but I am always getting an error message to what cause, I just don’t know. Recently, I went to SSS last week and inquire my loan status. I asked my log in details and they were able to provide me a temporary password and just today I was able to reset my password. The problem is I don’t know where to inquire my loan and my payment. Oh well, good thing that you can search everything in GOOGLE. But the agony did not finish there, every time I click n E-services, my loan statement won’t appear only to find out that I just have to click on the shield, usually you can find the shield on the upper left corner but with GOOGLE Chrome it is on the upper right corner, when you found it click on Load Unsafe Scripts, in that way you can now view your loan statement in E-services. Now since I can update my payment online, the next thing I would do is to re compute my loan so to get the exact amount to update the balance in my loan since when I check the balance last week, it did not move my loan amount at all. The staff said that I may have to include the interest the penalty since my loan is already overdue, thus we came up for P 1, 000.00 every month.

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