No Directory

If we install a PLDT landline in our home, it will be installed along with a directory. The directory is where you can find phone numbers for establishments. Let’s say you would like to check a certain beach resort the directory can help you find it so you can inquire but now the Directory has been long gone. PLDT won’t provide it anymore as you can find anything in GOOGLE.

Just like me a while ago, I was looking for the phone number of a resort we will be going this coming week, and in just one click in the search engine, phone number would appear in the computer right away. This is what technology brought us in, everything just clickable and I don’t wonder at all if the bills are all paperless meaning to say, you’ll just have to wait the bill in your text message so you will know how much would you pay for the billing period.

I wonder when I clicked some blogs in my blog list they are nowhere to be found too. It appears like “no site can be found” or “please try later”. Where are they?


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