The Movie Review Of My Little Girl

Faith’s Writing:

Wonder woman made me a bit crazy; it didn’t make any sense because it seemed a bit weird. I wish it was a bit cartoony, it wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting it to be a bit darker also I thought it was an ad the moment it started. Thank you Mom for taking me to this movie and to every woman in the world. You’re a hero just the way you are.

And since Faith is not allowed to use gadgets and can’t watch any cartoon series in the TV. She said she want to write something in my blog. I told her to write something the movie that we watch yesterday and that’s what she said. I asked her if she wanted to watch Despicable Me but she said she likes The Mummy more. I even asked her number of times but she said she wanted to watch The Mummy. We went to the movie, but then when I am about to buy the ticket, Faith is not allowed to go, she’s too young so I asked her again to choose the Despicable Me but she choose the Wonder Woman instead. I could see she’s enjoying it but I didn’t know she would write that kind of things about Wonder Woman, oh please spare her. She’s just a kid and knowing Faith she would say whatever it is on her mind.


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