Chips Are Not Working For Iphone 5S

So Mj’s phone is not working, suddenly it just stopped.

She said that it was dropped and she swears it still working when she picked it up but not until the next morning. I couldn’t understand it at first but the owner of the store explained us, why it was not working. They made sure that the unit is fine, it just the tray slot of the phone is not working. They said that the Apple just released an announcement that the Iphone 5s sim card slot will not going to work because of the new updates. But they promised that they will send us the new sim card slot so the service will work, It just that we will have  pay for the new batch for the tray slot. I am also selling some accessories for extra income. Sigh if only i knew that this would happen, I will not allow Mj to buy this phone. But I know it’s already too late.

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