IPhone 10 or IPhone X

When it was launch just early this month, I guess most of the people living in the US were too busy ordering the device or even pre-ordering it. Everyone is too hectic, and even trying or working so hard so to get this kind of luxury. Apple released the iPhone x in line with their 10th year anniversary. They tag the phone “Say Hello To The Future”

It’s all screen, very edgy. And one thing on iPhone X is you can locked and unlock it with face recognition. So even if your face change, it can still recognize it. It can’t even spoof by pictures, and what not. You don’t have to press a button when going to the home screen, a single swipe only can do. Rear cameras are improving too. It has 2 cameras outfitted with 2 megapixels. So surely it will capture everything. You might want to check the iPhone X here.



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