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Desktop Turning On Soon

I was planning to buy a new laptop but recently my sister told me she would like to sell her desktop computer which changed my mind. It is like killing two birds in one stone. I can help her with her finances and get a desktop at home. Yesterday, my sister and eldest daughter took the desktop and brought it here. But it doesn’t have power cord, cables and all that stuffs to make it work. So I told my niece about it and she informed her boyfriend about it. I already listed all the things that needed so hopefully we can turn it on in no time. Meanwhile, I bought last week this computer table, since the desktop is not working; our old laptop is taking over yet.

I am now comfortable, doing things on my blog; I hooked up our external keyboard since the laptop keyboard is sometimes not functioning properly. It is easy to type now. But nevertheless, I am looking forward to set up the desktop and maybe repair this laptop once again. I want to buy a new keypad for this one and a new battery, I hope it will not be that much. Not to mention I have to buy a new computer chair so whoever will get to use the desktop our back won’t get hurt unlike this time. I need to find a cheap computer chair but durable and have the quality, a computer chair that would last a long while.



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The Battle

When I was working as a customer service before, we do not receive any survey from our customers. And our performance will be rate by our Quality Analyst. So every point should cover up but right now everything was changed, and I was not used to it. I was on a different company when I get back to being a Customer Service and I am telling you I struggled a lot. But I made it  I was able to compose myself and the words that I will be using for the bad news but it still   get the customer a positive impact, thanks to my supervisors who never failed to do the coaching and shared it with me the best behavior. But I thought I will have a smooth sailing when I transferred company. To my surprise I am having a hard time, I found myself floating for everything. I am not used to the scenario, the tools, and the bill charges. Yes I am dealing with bill charges and my detractors are usually coming from that situation, especially if it is all about disputes. Most of the times the detractors are not fair because even though you already have done the best, you still get zero due to the experience, on the other hand I don’t have the right to complain, we are not wealthy or rich for us not to work hard, in the end of the day we are here on this company to support for our family.

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