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Chips Are Not Working For Iphone 5S

So Mj’s phone is not working, suddenly it just stopped.

She said that it was dropped and she swears it still working when she picked it up but not until the next morning. I couldn’t understand it at first but the owner of the store explained us, why it was not working. They made sure that the unit is fine, it just the tray slot of the phone is not working. They said that the Apple just released an announcement that the Iphone 5s sim card slot will not going to work because of the new updates. But they promised that they will send us the new sim card slot so the service will work, It just that we will have  pay for the new batch for the tray slot. I am also selling some accessories for extra income. Sigh if only i knew that this would happen, I will not allow Mj to buy this phone. But I know it’s already too late.

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How to Incorporate Healthier Foods into Your Child’s Diet

No matter what you do, it always seems like kids are stuck on chicken nuggets and French fries for every meal. While you can be glad that they are eating at all, you should also encourage them to eat healthier foods throughout the day. Here are a few ways you can incorporate healthier fare into your child’s diet.

Keep a Schedule for Meals and Snacks

Plan your day around meals and snacks. Kids on a schedule have routine hunger habits, so they will usually eat what you put in front of them to avoid hunger pangs. If you start early with healthy meals, kids will know what to expect when you fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, you can keep only healthy snacks on hand for whenever they get hungry between meals.

Sit Down to Delicious, Home-Cooked, Healthy Dinners Together

When you eat as a family, you encourage good, healthy habits through bonding time. Your children will come to appreciate the effort that you put into planning and making delicious, healthy, home-cooked dinners. Plus, family dinners are great times to have conversations about each other’s day.

Teach Kids to Plan Meals and Cook

When you encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen, they get the full experience of the effort it takes to make healthy home-cooked meals. Have them plan a meal for the whole family, go with them to buy the ingredients, and ask them to prep and cook the meal. This is a great exercise for young teens. Stay close by if they need help in the kitchen. If you have multiple children, invest in some custom stickers for your DIY calendar of “cook nights.” Create a different colored sticker for each kid, then alternate nights based on their weekly activities and preferences. For example, if your oldest is a pasta guru, they can have Spaghetti Thursdays.

“Eat What I Fix or Don’t Eat Anything”

This seems a little harsh, but you’re not the short order cook of your family. You are a well-respected person that deserves admiration for planning and cooking healthy meals for your family. With that said, make sure your kids know that if they don’t eat what you fix, then they don’t eat for that meal at all. If they can’t eat your healthy options, then they aren’t hungry enough for their unhealthy alternatives.

Eating healthy is something that comes from years of good habits, mostly instilled from a young age. To incorporate healthier foods into your child’s diet, follow the above-mentioned advice towards a healthier, well-rounded meal plan for your family. In the long run, your children will appreciate everything you do to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

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If Mobile Data Won’t Work

Not setting appropriately the date and time of your phone, it will not only affect the text message but as well as the Mobile Data connection.

I am not a techie savvy but being a technical support, everything is always an everyday learning. You see if the date and time is not set up correctly, you may thought that you didn’t receive your text message oh well, think twice because you received it, it is just that either it was all the way to the bottom or all the way to the top. But most of the time we don’t have patience to check it; we always need someone to repair it right away. But have you realized the text message is just there waiting for you to open it or waiting for you to set up the date and time of your phone.

When the date and time is not set up, your mobile data will not work even if your mobile data is on. Most of the time, it will appear offline in your end.

You freak out, and you blame someone else while in fact there is no one to be blame because you just have to set up the date and time, the thing is that you are so impatient to explore your phone just everybody else, just like me.

Good thing I have kids ready to help me if I need to set up something in my phone. I always leave it to my eldest daughter, Faith is trying to catch up but I guess she’s a gamer and she would panic when the Ipad is not working at all. Let loose enjoy the fun, don’t make the gadget ruin your Summer. So when you noticed that you don’t have Mobile Data, relax and chill, check your date and time and the status of your Mobile Data.


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Explore The World And Music

During summer, when everyone is not too busy at home, it is best to just chill out, singing while someone is playing a guitar. My eldest daughter didn’t miss a thing, whenever she is not doing anything, I would always find her playing her guitar. I am sure if you have teenagers at home, they would probably do the same thing. If your kids doesn’t know how to play yet, this is the right time to enroll them for a physical activity and if they love music, you can send them to know how to play guitar and if you are looking for a guitar, you can find the best guitar brands at, you will not regret if you buy this kind of brand because it is with high quality and the durability is just so awesome. I have so much in mind this summer, I just can’t leave them at home doing nothing but just playing games in the gadgets, they need to go out and explore the world especially if they are too hyper like my youngest.

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